Climate- and Refrigeration
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Ripening Systems

Perfect climate control is required to achieve good colour, quality, taste and hardness of bananas, avocados or mangos at the right time. We have many years of experience in developing and building ripening chambers.

Anticipating supply and demand

Precise control of the ethylene content is essential for ripening. We would be pleased to explain the pros and cons of the various ripening systems. As a result of the precise adaptation of temperature, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, products can be kept longer, without compromising quality or freshness. Our Ultra-Low Oxygen storage system enables you to precisely control the ripening and storage process. As a result you will be able to anticipate both supply and demand optimally.

Consistent climate in each corner

Our ripening chambers have a simple structure. As a result the likelihood of failure is negligible and the investment costs are low. In the Nijssen-designed ripening chamber your products obtain air which is of an even temperature. As a result, fruit has the same degree of ripeness in all corners of the ripening chamber.

Nijssen realized 2-tier ripening chamber for dc MoerdijkNijssen realized 3-tier ripening chamber for Mission Produce

Ripening software with recipe module

Our specialised ripening control software is tailored to ripening specialists. With the recipe wizard in the control system, a suitable ripening programme can be chosen. All settings can be manually adjusted to match the ripeness and delivery date of the fruit. Consequently you can meet demand from your clients at any time, even when they require ‘ready to eat’ fruit.


  • Highest fruit quality
  • Ready to eat, anytime
  • Guaranteed uniformity of ripening
  • Minimal product losses
  • User-friendly Nijssen control system with recipe wizard
  • Many years of experience, including ULO storage
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance costs 


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