Climate- and Refrigeration
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Fast and energy-efficient pre-cooling with a minimum loss of moisture and an even air distribution - that is the Nijssen Filacell® system. The No. 1 system on the market for the pre-cooling and long-term storage of products.

Filacell® extends shelf life by factor 3

The Filacell® refrigeration system developed by Nijssen extends the shelf life of perishables, such as vegetables, fruit and cut flowers, two to three times longer than conventional refrigeration systems. The Filacell®system is also ideally suited to application in climate chambers.

In control of temperature and humidity

The Nijssen Filacell® system is a wet cooling system. This eliminates dehydration, and prevents your product from condensation or freezing.

Still fresh on the other side of the world

Perishables that have been pre-cooled by Nijssen Filacell® for shipment to a faraway destination will be just as fresh upon arrival as when they were packaged.


  • Constant temperature, up to a minimum of +0.5 °C
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Filters out harmful organisms and undesirable gases
  • Built from environmentally friendly elements
  • Low maintenance costs


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