Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

Our vision

The focus of our vision for refrigerating engineering is simple: We aim to provide the best quality at a competitive price. This is achieved by optimally matching our design with your situation. So, not only will your purchase be advantageous, your operating costs will be lower too – year in year out.

Operational reliability above all

We believe that you should ‘simply’ be able to rely on your refrigeration system. That’s what your business operations depend on. That’s why we never make any concessions on the quality and durability of the components we apply. It will be lucrative for you on all fronts: you won’t lose any business as a result of failures and your refrigeration system will last longer.

Savings resulting from sustainability

Sustainability is an important element in our vision for refrigeration. Our decision to develop refrigeration systems with energy-efficient components and natural refrigerants stems not only from idealism. It is our belief that sustainability must also be responsible from a business-economics perspective. Nijssen’s green refrigeration systems have less impact not only on the environment but also on your P&L.

Innovation leaders

Because of the rapid pace of technological development, innovative solutions are constantly available. Here too, operational reliability is top-of-mind at Nijssen. As soon as it has been proven that an innovation adds value and is reliable, we employ it to optimise our systems further. Consequently we developed ‘remote’ control and management at an early stage. The Nijssen Power Saving© system is another example of our innovative approach: a breakthrough in energy savings and humidity management.

Meeting the most stringent requirements

Environmental legislation, hygiene standards, food safety regulations and inspection requirements such as HACCP and BRC standards and the EU PED Directive for pressure equipment – Nijssen is well-versed on all legislation and regulations. Our systems comply with all laws, regulations and standards and have a CE marking.  We have imposed the most stringent standards on what we do. An independent inspection institute approves all of our large refrigeration systems prior to delivery. This therefore guarantees the highest quality level.