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LED lighting

With LED technology rapidly evolving, numerous options for horticultural LEDs are available. The choice listens closely, because every crop and every variety responds differently to a light spectrum and intensity. Therefore Nijssen offers a wide range of solutions from multiple suppliers.

Due to their many benefits, LED lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular in growth rooms, greenhouses and tissue culture rooms - as a primary source of light or as an energy-efficient supplement to existing light sources. Capitalizing on years of research and development in photosynthesis, optimal multi-spectrum lighting and light exposure can be applied year-round, regardless of season and natural light availability.

Dedicated light recipes

Taste, colour, size and growth speed can be influenced by changes in light recipes, facilitating product diversification and tailoring to market demand. Dedicated light recipes increase production and improve crop quality.

Less radiant heat

Since LEDs produce less radiant heat, LED lights can be placed closer to your plants. This reduces light loss and increases growing capacity. And it facilitates more accurate climate control. Less cooling capacity and ventilation are required. To create a higher output value, our cooling solution also controls the temperature of the LED fixture.

First step: efficient trial

Specific combination of wavelengths and lighting strategies result in a particular plant response. Each LED has its specific impact, which differs for every crop. Selecting the lighting solution best suiting your objectives is important prior to investing in a particular LED. With MyGrowthRoom Nijssen offers a great solution for setting up a small-scale trial of several fixtures and plants. 

Upgrade to LED

Switching to LED is easy with the latest technology! Nijssen offers an affordable and convenient way to increase yield, optimize plant quality and reduce energy costs. Without the need for any adjustment, you can replace your existing T5 or T8 fixture. MyGrowthRoom facilitates a gradual shift to LED. Simultaneous tests in uniform conditions provide you with reference values for both fluorescent and led light.


Multiple benefits

  • Custom spectrum grow lights : creating an optimal growth cycle with dedicated light recipes
  • Stability: providing a consistent spectrum for a wide range of temperatures and an even distribution with no temperature hot-spots
  • Assimilation: dimmable lighting simulating a daily sunrise/sunset dimming schedule
  • Longer lifetime: up to five times as long as conventional light sources
  • Less energy: reducing operational costs for both lighting, cooling and ventilation