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Freezing systems

We supply advanced and energy-efficient freezing systems for rapid freezing and storage of products. In the course of the years we have developed and completed numerous, custom-designed freezing systems based on the client’s wishes and requirements.

For every application

Choosing a freezing system is determined by its purpose. Will the system be used to freeze your products rapidly, such as fish, meat or snacks still warm-baked snacks? In that case exceedingly high standards apply to freezing capacity and the proper overall transfer of heat to your products.  We supply freezing tunnels, spiral freezers or shock freezers designed for this purpose. Completely different requirements apply to the storage capacity of pre-frozen products. Preventing ice accretion is key here. An energy-efficient de-icing system based on hot gas, for example, is essential. And by taking maximum advantage of the off-peak hours, you can achieve substantial savings on your energy bill.

Low operating costs

During the design phase we look at how energy consumption can be reduced. Natural refrigerants, such as ammonia and CO2, have in many instances proven to be the best choice. We work with energy-efficient compressors, coolers and condensers as much as possible. Sometimes using ‘over’-sized condensers can be efficient. Energy can also be saved using variable speed regulators for ventilators, pumps and compressors. This certainly the case when combined with the advanced Coolmaster© control software.


  • Many years of experience, including combined refrigeration and freezing systems
  • Use of natural refrigerants
  • Compliance with HACCP and BRC standards
  • User-friendly, Nijssen computer control
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance costs


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