Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

Uniform and precise conditions

Nijssen realized climate rooms for a large number of universities, research institutes, seed producers and propagators worldwide. For all these customers we designed customized systems that achieve optimum climatic conditions at any time.

Our in-house developed Nijssen Control Systems with intuitive visualization ensure accurate control, monitoring and registration. To guarantee that you achieve consistent, repeatable and reliable results.

Plant Growth Rooms

Nijssen designs and realises walk-in climatised plant growth rooms for a wide range of applications  - e.g. germination rooms, tissue culture rooms, vernalisation rooms, GMO-research rooms and entomological research rooms. Our storage rooms offer optimal protection of your seeds.

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Indoor Farming

Indoor farming, also known as vertical farming or Controlled Environment Agriculture, is gaining momentum. Capitalizing on expertise and experience from numerous climate projects for science customers, Nijssen provides scalable and highly energy-efficient solutions for indoor production facilities. 

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Respiration Rooms

Nijssen Respiration Chambers are used for research on energy metabolism (indirect calorimetry), nutrition and digestion, gas emission and climate change. Applicable for patients, trial subjects and both individually and group housed animals.

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LED lighting

With LED technology rapidly evolving, numerous options for horticultural LEDs are available. The choice listens closely, because every crop and every variety responds differently to a light spectrum and intensity. Therefore Nijssen offers a wide range of solutions from multiple suppliers.

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