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Nijssen Control Systems

The controls of a Nijssen system are custom work as well, precisely matching your system and your products. The majority of our clients opt to maximise use of computer technology for the control system. This keeps the number of failures to a minimum and ensures optimum energy management.

Coolmaster© control software

We are one of the few companies in the industry to employ our own programmers. They translate their knowledge of refrigerating engineering and storage conditions into easy-to-use operating software, precisely tailored to your system. The Nijssen-developed Coolmaster© control software controls, regulates and visualises all controllable functions in your system. Your desired settings are transmitted to the PLC by computer. All data are stored e.g. for alarm logging and to generate graphics. In case of computer failure the PLC will automatically continue with the most recent values. Our internet-based web application allows you to manage your cold stores and climate rooms using any web browser from anywhere in the world. All essential control features are available on smartphone or tablet, using the same intuitive interfacce as the desktop visualisation.

Nijssen Power Saving© system

The specially developed Nijssen Power Saving© (NPS©) system guarantees lower energy consumption. The NPS system continuously measures cooling requirements and other conditions, such as the outside temperature, for each cell.  Based on the measurement results we constantly optimise the working conditions of the compressor, such as piston and delivery pressure. You will achieve substantial savings on your energy costs thanks to this technology. In practice the NPS system achieves energy savings of around 15% compared to traditional refrigeration systems. Moreover the NPS system ensures vastly improved air humidity management. And that, in turn, enhances the quality of your products.

New: integrated cooling control for DCA storage

Nijssen has extended its controlling system with a module for managing Controlled Atmosphere (CA)- and Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) storage. All ULO components in the installation are integrated into the set-up. Gas measurements are carried out and the set up to control the aeration, CO2 scrubbers and the nitrogen generator. Every cooling cell can be controlled individually or as part of a group. Smart solutions for data traffic have been applied in the software, facilitating the system to control and respond quickly and efficiently. 


  • Energy-efficient Nijssen Power Saving© system
  • User-friendly Nijssen computer control
  • Automatic precision control
  • Remote control and remote updating
  • Low maintenance costs




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