Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

Savings on energy costs

A large portion of the operating costs of your refrigeration system is made up of energy costs. During the design phase Nijssen makes a point of taking these into consideration. By applying state-of-the-art technologies we ensure that your system functions more economically. Consequently the application of natural refrigerants can often additionally generate much greater energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient components

We use energy efficient compressors, coolers and condensers as much as possible. These are the first energy gains. Using 'oversized' condensers occasionally is efficient. Using a continuously variable speed regulator for ventilators, pumps and compressors is an energy-saving method. This is certainly the case when combined with Nijssen’s state-of-the-art computer control technology.

Recycling residual heat

The available residual heat in a refrigeration system can be used to defrost air coolers, warm floors underneath freezer cells or office space. Using residual heat is economical in many situations.

Nijssen Power Saving© system

The unique Nijssen Power Saving© system continuously measures the need for refrigeration and the outside temperature. The measurement results are translated into optimum working conditions for that specific time through the PLC. Thanks to this technology you will achieve considerable savings on your energy costs.

Savings of up to 20%

Together with the energy-efficient components in a Nijssen system, the Nijssen Power Saving© system achieves energy savings of 20% or even more compared with traditional refrigeration systems. You will earn back a possible slightly higher investment rapidly. This is a certainty if you use the subsidisation opportunities wisely. Nijssen will be pleased to advise you on this too.