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Three-tier ripening chambers for Mooy Logistics

February 2016 - The extension of the Mooy Logistics logistic centre in Hazeldonk (Breda) will receive ripening chambers with a height of three pallets (three-tier ripening chambers). Nijssen Koeling will realise this Dutch premier in a building combination with American company Thermal Technologies Inc (TTI).

Nijssen realizes 3-tier ripening chambers for Mission ProduceThe new building will be conditioned energy efficiently and environmentally friendly by Nijssen with an ammonia pump system with hot gas defrosting and reusing residual heat. The new compressors supply enough cooling capacity for eight new ripening chambers for avocados. Three ripening chambers are now being built. A further extension with another eight new ripening chambers is foreseen in the installations. By opting for three-tier ripening chambers Mooy Logistics will increase the capacity per m2 considerably.

Equal conditions everywhere 

"In the United States, many three-tier ripening chambers are operational," says Marc Paauw, director of Nijssen. "But in Europe, three tier ripening chambers are scarce. Mooy Logistics has the premier in the Netherlands. The most important challenge is to create equal conditions everywhere in the chamber so that the ripening is also equal."

Special cold zone for soft fruit

To condition the 8,500 m2 new packaging and storage spaces, Nijssen will be realising a new cooling installation. The new building will have its own machine room, in which an ammonia pumping system will be placed. With a special cold zone and a packaging line for soft fruit, Mooy Logistics is playing into the increasing market demand. The storey floor of 3,000 m2 is used for added value activities such as packaging, re-packaging, labelling and order picking. Besides vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants, Mooy Logistics wants to increasingly foresee the logistics of other conditioned products.

Reducing CO2 emissions 

As a participant in the Lean & Green Logistics programme, Mooy Logistics is actively working to push back CO2 emissions. An environmentally and energy efficient installation was therefore the starting point of the design. Because the installation doesn't usually run on full capacity, compressors that also realise a high COP value in part load were opted for. The Nijssen Coolmaster control software which was developed in house causes an efficient regulation of the installation. The advanced Nijssen Power Saving (NPS) module realises an extra energy saving of around 15%. The design of the installation and the chosen components meet the demands of the EIA 2015.