Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

Innovative and always custom-built

Nijssen creates advanced highly reliable and energy-efficient tailored installations that guarantee optimum preservation conditions. We achieve this by optimally matching our design with your products, your quality requirements, your operations and your logistics. 

By applying the latest technologies, we let you get the maximum from your installation. And we are constantly on the lookout for smart solutions that allow us to reduce both the environmental impact and energy consumption. Our control systems guarantee extra energy savings.

Refrigeration systems

A good refrigeration system forms the heart of your company. We have been designing and delivering advanced and innovative refrigeration systems for decades. They guarantee optimum storage conditions for each product and situation.

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Controlled Atmosphere

Nijssen has extended its controlling system with a module for managing Controlled Atmosphere (CA)- and Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) storage. All ULO components in the installation are integrated into the set-up.

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Ripening Systems

Perfect climate control is required to achieve good colour, quality, taste and hardness of bananas, avocados or mangos at the right time. We have many years of experience in developing and building ripening chambers.

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Fast and energy-efficient pre-cooling with a minimum loss of moisture and an even air distribution - that is the Nijssen Filacell® system. The No. 1 system on the market for the pre-cooling and long-term storage of products.

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Freezing systems

We supply advanced and energy-efficient freezing systems for rapid freezing and storage of products. In the course of the years we have developed and completed numerous, custom-designed freezing systems based on the client’s wishes and requirements.

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Nijssen Control Systems

The controls of a Nijssen system are custom work as well, precisely matching your system and your products. The majority of our clients opt to maximise use of computer technology for the control system. This keeps the number of failures to a minimum and ensures optimum energy management.

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