Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

Industrial Test and Storage Rooms

Nijssen offers tailor-made solutions for specific testing and storage needs, in a secure and reliable environment. Highly suitable for storage of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Product/Material Testing

Nijssen designs Environmental Rooms that accurately reproduce a wide range of atmospheric conditions to test your products. Using latest state of the art design and manufacturing criteria, we offer reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions to achieve stable test results. Suitable for e.g. paints & coatings, corrosion tests, automotive tests, durability tests, reliability tests,thermal stress screening.


  • Highest possible uniformity and accuracy
  • Constant climatic conditions
  • Constant monitoring and protection
  • Modular construction allows maximum flexibility
  • Tailor-made design for particular environmental conditions

for multiple industries, e.g.


Pharmaceutical applications

  • Ideally suited for biological material storage, incubation and dehydration.
  • ICH stability testing, single-point testing, photostability testing, humidity testing
  • Fully compliant with ICH guidelines.
  • Optional ultra-low temperature freezers

Storage Rooms

In our storage rooms, we achieve optimal conditions to store your goods or raw materials. Also highly suitable for the storage of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Custom design ensures proper storage conditions for each product
  • Ideal for storage of biological material, incubation, drying
  • Wide range of climatic conditions
  • Reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions for optimal storage conditions



  • EYE Collectiecentrum: 'film freezer' for unique museum collection
  • Novo Nordisk, OctoPlus, Janssen Biologics
  • Akzo Nobel