Climate- and Refrigeration
Technology, our specialisation

  • "Nijssen have great expertise, that's clear. A pleasure to do business with."

    Koenraad Luijendijk, Frukar
  • "The performance of the DCA control software exceeds expectations. An excellent achievement!"

    Harry Beelen, Fruitmasters
  • Optimal conditions for each product, at any time

    Optimal conditions for each product, at any time

The leading edge in refrigeration

Nijssen designs and builds advanced industrial refrigeration systems, freezing systems, ripening chambers, climate chambers and plant cultivation chambers. With a custom-built sophisticated control system. The leading edge in refrigeration since 1948.

Natural refrigerants

Natural refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia, provide an energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solution. Nijssen has applied natural refrigerants for many years. Also in advanced industrial plants.

Tailor made solutions

We don’t believe in standard solutions. Every refrigeration, freezing or climate situation is different. Thanks to our expertise and technological know-how, we have the capability to design truly custom-built refrigeration systems.