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MyGrowthRoom: mobile walk-in climate room for research

With MyGrowthRoom Nijssen introduces a turnkey mobile research unit for quick, efficient and accurate testing of growth recipes for any crop. This highly energy-efficient solution can be easily scaled up to a Vertical Farming production setting.

Define your own growth recipes

With MyGrowthRoom, Nijssen offers an innovative walk-in test room with extensive functionalities for horticultural research in Controlled Environment. A quick and flexible way to develop optimal growth recipes and light recipes for your crops!

The multi-tier setup facilitates simultaneous tests in uniform conditions. With its flexible interior layout it can be used with any cultivation system. Due to the introduction of innovative refrigeration technology, MyGrowthRoom can be used for a wide range of applications.
MyGrowthRoom contains the accumulated knowledge and experience from numerous large-scale projects for renowned research institutes.

With MyGrowthRoom you'll find answers to questions like

Nijssen MyGrowthRoom mobiele walk in klimaatkamer

  • What is the best light recipe for a specific crop?
  • Which LED solution invokes the optimal plant response in my crop?
  • What is the optimal distance to the plant?
  • How to maximize yield relative to energy used?
  • How can I differentiate in taste, colour and bite with my light recipes?
  • What is the plant response to red/far-red light?
  • How does a dry climate impact the development of the root system?
  • What is the increase in water consumption with lower RH?
  • Which conditions create the best vase life for my flowers?
  • Is light output according to manufacturers specifications?
  • Is this LED system suitable for dew rooms?
  • How do I compare test results for fluorescent and led lights?

LED lighting: trial first

Specific combination of wavelengths and lighting strategies result in a particular plant response – different for each LED and for every crop. MyGrowthRoom provides the ideal solution for setting up a small-scale trial of several luminaires and plants.

Energy-efficient production

The highly energy-efficient MyGrowthRoom is easily scalable to a production environment. With a sophisticated growth recipe the plant is offered exactly what it needs. This results in significant savings in water and nutrients, lower power consumption of lighting and higher yields. MyGrowthRoom offers a controlled production environment that provides optimal conditions during each growth phase.

MGR outside backMGR outside front


In various models

MyGrowthRoom is available in various models, tailored to your requirements.

  • 100% future-proof solution with natural refrigerant and improved energy efficiency
  • Highest precision in controlling lighting, temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Customizable options include heating, additive CO2, irrigation and fertigation
  • Fully controllable growing conditions in a clean and sterile environment, totally closed to natural light and air
  • Suitable for any lighting system
  • One-click definition of growth recipes
  • Data logging guarantees reproducability
  • Adjustable shelving system provides maximum flexibility
  • Touch screen control with intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Plug and play


Nijssen MyGrowthRoom interior


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