Climate- and Refrigeration
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Foods: longer shelf life

Whether you produce meat products, fish products, French fries, ice cream or microwave meals, your production process requires the same refrigeration technology standards: the ability to cool or freeze products as quickly as possible. Without any loss of quality or weight. And with food safety and hygiene as the number one priority.

In the food industry, our refrigeration and freezer systems are used by a large number of suppliers of meat and fish, producers of snacks and microwave meals, wholesalers and importers and exporters worldwide. We delivered innovative and sustainable custom-built systems, achieving optimum climate conditions at any time. Your clients have stringent requirements. A Nijssen system enables you to meet their requirements adequately.

Everything under control

We create a custom-design that matches your products and your operations as well as your wishes. With the Nijssen-developed Coolmaster© control programme you will have perfect control over your products. 

A choice for the future

Choosing a Nijssen system means choosing a responsible investment in your company’s future. You will choose a sustainable and efficient refrigeration system that matches your business operations. Nijssen systems comply with all applicable laws and regulations on security, the environment and hygiene. As one of the few suppliers in the Netherlands we have many years of experience in developing refrigeration systems based on natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2 that are not harmful to the environment. An added advantage is that these are highly energy efficient compared with chemical refrigerants. In that respect too, choosing Nijssen is a choice for the future.

  • Optimum management of air humidity and air movement
  • Compliance with HACCP and BRC standards
  • User-friendly Nijssen computer control
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance costs


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