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ZoBio: flexibility in research

For ZoBio, one of our neighbours at Leiden Bio Science Park, Nijssen realised a conditioned testing facility. With a wide range in temperature and humidity, the walk-in climate chamber offers ZoBio flexibility in its biophysical and drug development research services, e.g. protein crystallography.

The walk-in climate chamber features a 5 m² floor surface which allows installation of a robotic liquid handling system alongside with a station for microscopic visual inspection and in situ handling of macromolecular crystals under the controlled environment. The chamber allows various configurations based on temperature range (+4 °C to +37 °C) and relative humidity range (20 to 90%Rh) depending on the required experimental conditions.

Wide range of options

The climate chamber enables many possibilities and options to a wide range of applications in protein crystallography and structure aided drug discovery, starting from establishing optimal crystallization conditions till crystals soaking with putative small molecule binders and crystals preparation for data collection at synchrotron beamlines. The broad range of useful applications makes the walk-in climate chamber the cornerstone element of the structure determination pipeline at ZoBio.

Very enthusiastic about the possibilities

"The climate chamber has now been operational for a number of months," says Robert Heetebrij, managing director of ZoBio. "Our protein crystallographers are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that the room offers them. The wide range in temperature and humidity makes the room usable for a wide variety of projects. In addition, the accuracy of the control and the extensive options for monitoring and reporting are also of course of great importance to us, which also meets our wishes and requirements. "


Nijssen realiseert ZoBio klimaatkamer exterieurNijssen realiseert ZoBio klimaatkamer interieur


ZoBio is the market leading innovator of biophysical techniques to support modern drug discovery. It offers primarily research services on a fee-for-service basis to customers across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Customers include 7 of the top 15 largest pharma and various mid-size pharmaceutical companies. The main activities center around the development and commercialization of biophysical technologies that enable new approaches to drug development.




Completion: early 2019