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Yara Sluiskil: climate chamber for fertilizer testing

Nijssen created a conditioned test room for Yara Sluiskil. The producer tests existing and new types of mineral fertilizers here under different, extreme climate conditions.

A wide range of temperature and humidity conditions can be simulated in the climate chamber. An indirect cooling system with water / glycol makes it possible to keep the climate in the room very stable and even for a longer period.

The corrosive properties of mineral fertilizers were a special point of attention in the engineering phase. For this reason, various components were produced in high-quality stainless steel. For ventilation, a high-capacity ventilation system is realized, so that the room can be entered after a few minutes after a test or in the event of an emergency.

The Nijssen Control system ensures complete control and control of the installation. The advanced software package guarantees perfect climate conditions in the climate chamber. With the intuitive and user-friendly visualization, the user can easily set all desired conditions.

Yara Sluiskil grootste productielocatie

Yara Sluiskil produces and sells nitrogenous fertilizers and technical chemicals. It is the largest production location of the globally active group. Every year, around 5 million tonnes of end product are loaded. The company has been developing rapidly in recent years from a bulk producer to a supplier of special mineral fertilizers and industrial products that contribute to improving the environment.



Completion: November 2018