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Limagrain Netherlands uses Nijssen phytotrons for crop testing and breeding

Limagrain: phytotrons for crop testing and breeding

For Limagrain Netherlands, Nijssen realized two phytotrons and a vernalization cell in Rilland. Previously, Nijssen realized various climate chambers for Limagrain Netherlands.

The phytotrons are conditioned by a tailor-made indirect cooling system. The energy-efficient compressors are equipped with capacity valves, so that the cooling capacity can be adjusted in steps. In addition, one of the compressors is equipped with a frequency controller, so that the cold production can be optimally matched to the current cooling demand. With air coolers blowing out on both sides, the conditioned air is optimally distributed over the total length of the cell.

The vernalization cell is connected to an existing chiller. The choice of air coolers has been adjusted accordingly. Accurate temperature control is achieved with a motor-controlled three-way valve and mixing control. A separate ventilation system ensures air exchange in the conditioned rooms. Supplied air is drawn in from the building, return air is discharged outside. The installation is controlled with the user-friendly Nijssen Control system with intuitive visualization.

The spaces realized by Nijssen are part of an expansion of climate chambers. With this investment Limagrain realized extra plant production capacity. This is necessary because breeders are demanding more and more plants for their crossing and selection work. Limagrain now has more growth chambers for the cultivation of so-called double haploid plants with which generation cycles can be accelerated, an expertise of the center in Rilland. The Limagrain site in Rilland develops new varieties of maize, grains, onions, legumes and flax for the Northwest European climate zone. In the coming decades, an important challenge is to develop new, resilient plant varieties that continue to yield a lot with less and less fertilizer and crop protection and are optimally adapted to the changing climate.

Limagrain Nederland BV is the market leader in the breeding and marketing of agricultural sowing seeds for professional use in livestock farming, arable farming and the green sector. Via Limagrain Europe, Limagrain in Rilland is part of the globally operating Groupe Limagrain with headquarters in France.