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IRS BeetLab: modern research facilities for sugar beet cultivation

For the IRS Foundation in Dinteloord, Nijssen realized three climate chambers and a freezer room. IRS is the knowledge and research center for beet cultivation. In the new Beetlab IRS is conducting research into plant diseases in sugar beet and chicory. Controlling diseases and pests is one of the biggest challenges for the beet sector.

Nijssen realises plant growth room for IRS researchNijssen realiseerde klimaatkamers voor onderzoek door IRS Beetlab

Quarantine status

The specialized laboratories and climate chambers are equipped for diagnostic research - such as microbiological and DNA research. Part of the research gets a quarantine status, because in the future fewer tests can be held outside in the field. These rooms are equipped with a hygienic lock, underpressure in the climate chamber and HEPA filters in the air exhaust duct.

Indirect cold water system

The rooms are conditioned with an indirect cold water system. This allows the cooling capacity to be precisely matched to the heat supply to facilitate good control over the temperature. The ultrasonic humidification system allows an RV up to 90%. Air humidification is ensured through the discharge of the air coolers. The air dehumidification unit also allows a low RH. The freezer room is separately conditioned with a DX cooling system. The Beetlab has also created space for special test field equipment and for preparing the work on the test fields.

Lighting tests in MyGrowthRoom

Prior to construction, IRS tested various types of LED lighting in MyGrowthRoom, Nijssen's mobile research room. The choice fell on the Fluence RAZRx grow lights. This LED solution met the needs and proved the most cost-efficient.

IRS is now part of the new Cosun Innovation Center and has the sugar factory of Suiker Unie as a direct neighbor. Royal Cosun is an agro-industrial cooperative around the sugar beet and sugar industry. With companies Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Suiker Unie, SVZ and Cosun Biobased Products, it has grown into a company with approximately 3,900 FTEs and a group turnover of approximately € 2 billion per year.

Nijssen realiseerde voor IRS Beetlab klimaatkamers met Fluence RAZRx ledverlichtingIRS Beetlab doet diagnostisch onderzoek in de Nijssen klimaatkamers met ledverlichting


Completion: January 2018


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